Running using Docker

Both, patton-server and patton-cli, are available as a docker image so you can pull and run from a container.

patton-cli quick run with Docker

> docker run --rm bbvalabs/patton-cli -h

Will show up patton-cli command-line help.

> docker run --rm bbvalabs/patton-cli --patton-host

Will connect to patton-server at and ask for CVEs on django:1.9.

The docker container for pattin-cli supports the same parameters as the binary.

patton-server quick run with Docker

> docker run --rm -p 9000:9000 bbvalabs/patton-server start-server

Will run patton-server with this defaults:

  • Listen por 9000
  • Database: - host: - port: 5432 - name: patton - user: postgres - password: postgres
  • Maximum concurrent connections: 512
> docker run --rm bbvalabs/patton-server update-database -w

Will run patton-server database updater with the following defaults and invoking the URL after finishing the update:

  • Database: - host: - port: 5432 - name: patton - user: postgres - password: postgres

Customizing execution of paton-server container

The default entrypoint of the docker image is a wrapper script that manages and prepare the environment, it supports the following commands: - help . Shows the usage message and exit. - start-server. Start the patton-server. - update-database. Launches the updater process. it supports the following options: - -c, –cron-expr. The cron expresion to program executions of the update process. If not present the update process runs once. - -w –webhook. The URL to use as webhook.

patton-server docker image uses the following environment variables to customize execution:

  • WORKERS (default: 1. Do not change this value if you’re not really sure what you’re doing!)
  • BACKLOG (default: 512)
  • LISTEN_PORT (default: 9000)
  • PATTON_DEBUG (default: 0)
  • POSTGRES_HOST (default:
  • POSTGRES_PORT (default: 5432)
  • POSTGRES_DB (default: patton)
  • POSTGRES_USER (default: postgres)
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD (default: postgres)
> docker run --rm -e BACKLOG=512 -e LISTEN_PORT=8080 -e POSTGRES_USER=my_user -p 8080:8080 bbvalabs/patton-server start-server