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Patton - The vulnerability knowledge store

Project site https://github.com/bbva/patton
Issues https://github.com/bbva/patton/issues/
Documentation https://patton.readthedocs.io
Python versions 3.6 or above

What’s Patton

Patton is a set of tools for helping admins and security auditors to search for vulnerabilities in software components. Currently it has 2 main modules:

  • Patton-server: A service that builds a knowledge database about vulnerability information (CVEs). This information is then linked with product details (CPE) to finally allow to ask in a very clever way.
  • Patton-cli: A powerful command line client that allows to extract and check for vulnerabilities in your systems in a many different ways.


You can find Patton’s documentation at Read the Docs.


Patton was made by Security BBVA-Labs Team members:


Any collaboration is welcome!

There’re many tasks to do. You can check the Issues and send us a Pull Request.


This project is distributed under Apache 2 license.